Create your own Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

When I first heard of bath bombs, I thought “hmm… just another spa product”. I wasn’t impressed and I veered away from the craze to spare my wallet. However, the more they kept showing up in my social media feeds, the more interested I became. As I researched bath bombs, I found that not only were they super cool, but they were actually really good for your skin depending on the ingredients that you chose to use or where you bought them from. Most of my DIY projects revolve around my kids so naturally I searched for DIY bath bombs with a little pizzaz to wow the kiddos. After searching for multiple recipes and trying 3, I found one that we really liked and worked well.

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Why make your own DIY Bath Bombs?

Budget-friendly: Lush sells bath bombs for about $5-10 per bomb plus shipping. This recipe will make about 5 bath bombs, which will equate to about $2 per bath bomb depending on which ingredients you already have on hand.

Awesome science project for the kids: the baking soda aka sodium bicarbonate, when mixed with citric acid and water create the “fizzing” action you will see with these bath bombs.

Health benefits: Epsom salts, Coconut oil, and Essential oils are all beneficial ingredients used in these bath bombs. Epsom salts (aka Magnesium Sulfate) works by helping with inflammation and improving blood flow to the body. Coconut oil has many benefits not only for hydration of your skin but for heart, hair, and oral health as well. Essential oils smell wonderful and have many properties that can help with stress, infections, breathing, and more. Please research your oils before choosing which ones to use especially if you have children. Robert Tisserand is an expert in aromatherapy and education in essential oils.

The Ultimate DIY Bath Bomb Recipe

Dry Ingredients:

1 cup Baking Soda

3/4 cup of Epsom salts

1/2 cup of Citric Acid

1/2 cup of Corn Starch

Wet Ingredients:

1 tsp water

2 tsp oil (I used Fractionated Coconut Oil here)

2 tsp of Essential Oils of your choice

Food Coloring Liqua-Gel


Fork, spoon, or whisk

Combine your ingredients

Step 1. Combine all of the dry ingredients in a bowl and whisk until evenly distributed

Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

Step 2. Add the water VERY slowly. I made the mistake of adding too much water because I didn’t see results so I added more. You really only need 1 tsp. More water will activate the reaction and cause premature fizzing or expanding

Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

Step 3. Add your oil and whisk as you go

Step 4. Add the essential oil of your choice. I went with Lavender, Tee Tree, and Orange for my kids. These are safe for kids and babies.

Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

You should have consistency that will stick together when you compact it.

Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

Step 5.  Separate the mixture into different containers if you plan on making more than one color. Add food coloring and whisk as you go. We like vibrant colors so we kept adding until we got bright colors. The food coloring WILL turn your bath water colors so be wary of how much you put. We made a two separate batches. One for water sensory play and one for the actual bath. Although I’m not against food coloring, a little goes a long way when it comes to bath water.

Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

Step 6. Tightly compact your molds. You’ll need to overfill them, this is important otherwise your molds will not adhere to each other to form a ball. We filled our with figurines from Disney’s The Lion Guard as a surprise come bath time!

Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

Squeeze them together. Hold for 10-15 seconds. I made the mistake of leaving one in the mold while finishing other molds and I couldn’t get it out! 15 seconds is just enough to mold it.

Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

Tap of each side. Then very gently, take one side off. You should have part of your mold.

Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

Tip the mold into your hand, tap the other side, and very gently, pull off the other side.

Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

Step 7. Place your bath bomb on a tray to dry and harden. It can take anywhere from 8-24 hours to harden depending on your inside temperature. If you want to use them quickly, you can place them in the refigerator for 30min-1hour. Then enjoy your own DIY Bath Bombs!

P.s. One of the kids got to one of the molds a little too quickly and it fell apart. That’s what happens when they are not dry completely and you pick it up too early. You can also see part of some of the figurines in these bath bombs! See below.

Have fun trying these out!


Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

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  1. I am definitely pinning this for later! I have a facebook feed flooded with those “find a ring” bombs. These would make for a super cute spa night activity for my eight year old and myself! Thank you for the idea!

  2. Wow, these are so pretty and colorful! I wonder if there is another substitute for coconut oil. My one son is allergic to coconut and we can’t have any coconut products in the house. Suggestions?

    1. Hi Maheshwari, you can also use olive oil or jojoba oil as substitutes. they will work just as great 🙂

    1. Hi Harmony! Thanks for stopping by. I have provided links to the Citric Acid I use as well as the molds I bought. The links are underlined. Both of these items were purchased through Amazon. Citric acid can be purchased at select grocery stores as well. 🙂

  3. I have never used bath bombs (I’m worried what is in them) but making my own (especially with surprises for the kids) sound fun! Do I need a mold? Where can I find one?

  4. What a cool idea for a weekend project. I love relaxing in a warm bath and a bath bomb is something I normally just buy. Saving this guide to make on the weekend. Thank you.

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