Mama Blog Monday Link Up #2


Hey Mamas! Welcome to the Mama Blog Monday Link Up Party! I am hoping to connect with new mama bloggers each Monday. I also hope to gain some mama-spiration and grow a community of mommies and bloggers everywhere!

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Mama Blog Monday Link Up #1

Link up party


Hey Mamas! Welcome to the first Mama Blog Monday Link Up Party! I am so excited to be starting this new adventure with my blog. I am hoping to connect with new mama bloggers each Monday. I also hope to gain some mama-spiration and grow a community of mommies and bloggers everywhere!

What is a link up party?

This link up party is a place for other mom bloggers to come and drop a link to some recent or popular blog posts. Any posts that are related to mommy-hood are welcome. This includes recipes, tips, DIY projects, or parenting advice. While you are here please look around at other blog posts and leave some love for other mommy bloggers!

Each week I will feature the (3) most clicked posts from the previous week. These posts will get extra shares on our Pinterest Group Boards (follow me HERE and email me HERE if you would like to be a contributor), Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Page.

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Fix a Screen Door Like a Pro: Don’t Waste Your Money!

Fix a screen doorThe Easy Way to Fix a Screen Door

I love screen doors. They allow you to enjoy the outdoor breeze on a cool spring or summer morning while keeping those pesky bees, flies, bugs, or other insects out. That is, until it breaks. Most people will just buy a new door, don’t do that! Learn to fix a screen door yourself and save yourself some money.

We had a dog who we would let outside to eh hmm do his business, and when he was finished he would scratch on the screen door time and time again. Over time, the screen door started to wear and eventually ripped. I now had a giant hole through the screen from the bottom corner. My kids didn’t help the issue by thinking it was a mini-door they could run through. That only ripped it more. It no longer served the purpose of allowing me to keep my sliding door open and keep the bugs out. I needed to fix it, fast!

Fixing a screen door is SUPER easy. I didn’t even think to do it myself until I told my Dad that I needed to buy a new screen door. He looked at me and said, “You know you can do it yourself right?” All you need is a few materials to get the job done. If a pregnant woman 4 months along can fix a screen door by herself, then you can do it too. Plus, you will save yourself $40-$100 by avoiding having to pay someone to do it or buying a whole new door. Let me show you how to fix a screen door!

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DIY Growth Chart for Kids: Easy Tutorial

DIY Growth Chart for Kids

DIY Growth Chart for Kids

Documenting memories and milestones for my children is one of the most fun things I love about being a mother. I’m naturally crafty and while time doesn’t permit me to do everything, there are things that stand out and make it onto the to-do list. Making a DIY growth chart for my kids has been on that list for what seems like!

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A Simple Guide to Weaning your Toddler

12 tips to weaning your toddler

Weaning your Toddler: 12 Simple Tips

First, let me congratulate you on coming this far in your breastfeeding journey. It’s a great achievement and should be celebrated. So, a big virtual fist bump to you mama! Now you’re interested in weaning your toddler, you’re so done. I totally get it. I was there too. In this post, I’m going to show you exactly what I did to FINALLY get my boob-obsessed toddler weaned. I’ll show you what worked for me and what didn’t so that you can find success in weaning your toddler.

Let me tell you a little about my journey and why I decided to stop breastfeeding my son. Don’t worry, I’ll spare the details  for another post and get to the point shortly.

I nursed my son for 2 yrs and 2 months. My journey had its challenges, like an inverted nipple, several bouts of mastitis, the constant fear of a low supply, biting, and pumping at work. Those challenges came, we conquered. Then came toddler nursing. The acrobat nursing. The drive-by nursing. The twiddling. Oh. The. Twiddling. I was done by the time he reached 18 months, I gave a poor effort to quit, but decided against it and kept on nursing. Currently, WHO (World Health Organization) recommends breastfeeding up to the age of two or longer, so that was my limit.

Now for the good stuff.

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