How to make a Superhero Mask

Superhero Mask

Make your own Superhero Mask

My son is super into PJ Masks right now.

Three school-aged children run into problems like missing instruments, broken art projects, and stolen garden tools. They go into the night to save the day from the night-time villains who reek mishap in their community. Greg becomes  Catboy, a superhero with cat-like powers such as super cat speed. Amaya becomes Owelette, a superhero with owl-like powers such as flying. Conner becomes Gekko, a superhero with gecko-like powers such as camouflage.

He can watch it morning, day, and night and never get tired of it. And as much as I try to limit screen time, he watches more than I’d like to admit. At times, it’s my saving grace when I come home from a 12-hour night shift, watch my kiddos all day leaving me extremely sleep deprived only to return to work that same night. I call those days my “mombie” days. PJ Masks save MY day.

My son’s favorite character is Catboy. He loves to race his little brother around the house yelling “super cat speed!”.  My youngest, by default gets to play the role of Gekko with “super gecko muscles!”. So as I planned his birthday party last October, I knew which theme we were using.

And what’s a superhero party without a superhero mask, right?

Every kid at his party was a superhero, each with their own mask and cape. It took lots of time and effort to get these done and it never fails that I wait until last-minute (as in 2 weeks prior to the party) to get things done. Luckily, I have loving and willing family to help me.

Here’s how I did it!

How to make a DIY Catboy superhero mask

What you will need: blue 5×8 foam board, white 5×8 foam board, pen, scissors, hot glue gun with glue, blue Crayola marker, ribbon

  • First, draw the outline of Catboy. I found pictures on Google for reference and free-handed the outline. You can find many printables online if you would like to go that route.
  • Draw the eyes. Don’t forget to make them big enough to see out of. Catboy’s eyes are half-moon eyes. Draw a horizontal line, then draw a semicircle to make the eyes.
  • Next, cut out the face. This should be fairly easy. To cut out the eyes, fold the foam and cut a small slit in the middle so the you have a beginning point. Then continue to cut along the lines so you are left with holes in the shape of Catboy’s eyes.

Catboy Superhero Mask

  • Now it’s time to add the details. Catboy has lightning-like marks to show how fast he is. There are 3 on top of his head, and 3 on either cheek. Eyeball how big or small these marks need to be so that they do not run into his eyes. Less than an inch long is a good place to start. You will also need to make eyebrows. To make your eyebrows the same, draw one, cut it out, then flip it over horizontally, trace it and cut that one out. I used the white foam board for the details, then used the blue marker to color it in (since my foam board bundle did not include light blue).
  • Time to hot glue the pieces on. Before gluing, always lay your pieces where you want them. Then glue each piece one by one, still leaving the unglued pieces in their place. I used 2 pea-sized dots of glue for each piece.
  • After gluing, add a few more details with your blue marker. Color in the ears, and add some curved vertical lines to give depth to the eyes.

To wear the mask, simply poke a hole with your pen on either side. Insert your ribbon, and tie a knot.

Here’s my son wearing his Catboy superhero mask!

Superhero Mask Catboy


How to make a DIY Gekko superhero mask

What you will need: Green 5×8 foam board, light green 5×8 foam board, pen, scissors, hot glue gun with glue, green Crayola marker, ribbon

  • First, draw the outline of Gekko. I also found pictures on Google and used them for reference to free-hand. There are many printables as well that you can use from Google.
  • Next, draw the eyes. Gekko has eyes that are a squared. Again, make them big enough to see out of.
  • Now it’s time to cut your outline and eyes. Follow the steps above to cut out the eyes.
  • For the details; Gekko has eyebrows and a few spikes on his head. Draw these on your light green foam board, then cut them out.
  • Gekko also has scales. To draw these, take your green Crayola marker and make cross hatches over the entire mask.
  • Gekko Superhero MaskNow you’ll want to glue the eyebrows and spikes with your hot glue gun.
  • Add a few more details with your green marker to trace his eyes.

Follow the Catboy instructions above for how to wear the mask.

How to make a DIY Owelette superhero mask

What you will need: Red 5×8 foam board, Pink 5×8 foam board, pen, scissors , hot glue gun with glue, red Crayola marker, ribbon

  • First, draw the outline of Owelette. I’ve referenced many pictures on Google to free-hand my outline. There are also many free printables you can use.
  • Add the eyes. Owelette has slightly angled eyes. Draw a horizontal line for the bottom of the eyes. Then Draw a curved vertical line on either side. Next, connect the lines with a curved line.
  • Next, cut out Owelette’s face. Fold the foam to make a starting point to cut holes for the eyes.
  • Now it’s time for Owelette’s pink details. Owelette is a little tricky. She has many highlights surrounding her face. Two on either side of her face, and two highlighting her crown. The tricky part is that they are all curved. It was difficult to make them the same for both sides. Use your pink foam board. My tip: trace the outline of Owelette’s face and use that curve as a template for your highlight piece. This took the most time, especially cutting them out since they are so small.Once you have your pieces, glue them on.
  • Add the final details. Draw Owelette’s eyelashes. They are simply and extension of her eyes about 1/4 inch about the top lid on either side. I used a black marker for those. Then take your red marker and make cross hatches in the crown part of her forehead.

Follow the instructions above to wear the Owelette mask.

Superhero Mask Party

These superhero masks were so much fun to make and I enjoyed the challenge with all the details put into them. I hope you enjoyed the post and hope to see some of your masks in the comments below!

Superhero Mask

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