Hospital Bag Checklist: What’s in my Hospital bag?

Hospital Bag Checklist

My Hospital Bag Checklist (from a third-time Mama)

I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant and I cannot believe I’ll soon be a mom of 3 boys! The time has gone by so fast and I’ve been behind on preparing for this baby. Between my 4-year-old starting preschool and my 2-year-old being, well, a 2-year-old, it’s been life in the fast lane. Making a hospital bag checklist has been the last thing on my mind but as time approaches delivery, I knew I needed to get it done.

When I packed my hospital bag the first time around, I was completely over-prepared . I literally brought anything I thought I would need. I labored for 18 hours with Optimus and spent an hour or two in the labor room after he was born. Then when I transferred from the labor room to a mom/baby room, I realized  I  brought too many things. My parents and husband had to lug suitcases and random things to my other room which was much smaller.

When I packed my hospital bag the second time around, I was slightly under-prepared . I woke up to contractions at 6am and Bumblebee was born by c-section at 9am. I wasn’t prepared for a c-section as far as my hospital bag. My parents and husband would bring me things from home that I either forgot or things that I didn’t realize I needed.

This time around, I’ll have it just right.

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Before making that list

If you haven’t created a registry by now, I highly suggest it. Yes, I created a registry for my third son and yes I will be having a third baby shower for him as well.

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Currently, Amazon is having some awesome incentives for creating a registry with them.

1. Complete a registry with Amazon, you will receive a welcome box filled with lots of goodies such a sample diapers/wipes, nursing pads, and a Muslin swaddle blanket!

2. Add any Britax item worth $75 or more to your registry and be entered to win $2,500.

3. If you or anyone purchases $1,000 worth of items from your registry, earn $100 in diapers and wipes.

4. Once your registry is complete, you’ll earn a completion discount of 10-15% off of one item from your registry.

You won’t find this many benefits in other registries, so start making your list mama. You can register HERE.

Making my hospital bag checklist for the third time

Now for the good part. If you’ve been following this blog and my social media, you might remember that I’ve been dabbling into the minimalist lifestyle. I’ve been trying to live with less, for simplicity and to save money. So, this checklist includes only the necessities that I think are important.


Vaginal birth: depending on when you decide to come to the hospital, you can expect to labor anywhere from 2 to 18+ hours. Some of this time will include lots of downtime, that is where your phone and tablet will come in handy to pass the time. I like a calm atmosphere so I use my tablet or phone for serene music and my diffuser for some aromatherapy filled with essential oils specifically for giving birth.

Cesarean birth: If you make it to your scheduled C-section date, you will have a small amount of downtime while waiting to be admitted and for staff to get your room ready. But, if you have an emergency C-section or need to deliver earlier than your scheduled date, chances are that there will be no downtime. The necessities will be the same as a vaginal delivery for the laboring phase.

Hospital bag checklist: Tablet and charger, Cell phone and charger, Book, Wax candle or aromatherapy diffuser, Essential oils

Hours after birth

Vaginal delivery: That first hour is so amazing. It’s a wonderful time for you and your partner to bond with your new squish. Kangaroo care and getting that first latch are two of the most important things that happen in that first hour or two. Make sure to bring your camera (the good one) to capture those first moments. After that, you’ll probably have family members venture in and out to meet the new edition. Now is a good time to change into something more suitable, just make sure the nurses have access to your belly for fundal checks.  I also like to get baby dressed, swaddled, and cozy.

Cesarean delivery: After baby is born, you’ll need to stay to finish the surgery. Then, you will be reunited with your babe. While you won’t get the full golden hour, you’ll still get a good portion of it. From the time you are reunited, the necessities remain the same for you and baby.

Hospital bag checklist: DSLR camera, Mitts for baby, Swaddle blanket for baby, Beanie for baby, Postpartum robe, Nursing bra

Days after birth

Vaginal birth: In the days after birth, the nurses are going to be checking your fundus and pad counts. This is a time for your recovery as well as establishing a good bond with your baby. If you have someone to stay with you, like your husband or mother, then you will have a chance to shower. If not, ask the nurse to take the baby while you shower. You’ll feel much better afterwards. This is time you can start eating and feeling like yourself again.

Cesarean birth: In the days after birth, the nurses will be checking your fundus and will also be checking your incision site. Sutures are usually taken out on day 3 if it is healing properly. Ask your provider if a shower is permitted before then. If not, you can still dress yourself and freshen up your face and hair (dry shampoo). Your abdomen will likely feel sore so make sure to wear your maternity binder. It will help tremendously when getting out of bed.

For baby: Some hospitals offer newborn pictures for your new babe. You can choose to bring an outfit for these pictures or decide to do a naked picture. Pack an extra outfit accordingly if you wish.

Hospital bag checklist: Pumping supplies (I use the ones provided by the hospital), Nursing supplements, Nursing bra, Snacks, Pineapple juice, Slippers, Postpartum Spray (for vaginal births only), Nipple cream (some hospitals that have lactation consultants provide samples of these), Toiletries (travel size shampoo/conditioner/body wash, loofa, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, hair ties, bobby pins, q-tips), Makeup (makeup remover, foundation, eyelash curler, mascara), Flip flops for the shower, Loose/stretchy pants and tanks (if stay is longer)

Leaving the hospital

When you finally get to go home, it’s an exciting time. Whether you’ve had a vaginal delivery or C-section, the necessities will be the same. Hospitals will require you to take your baby out in his car seat, so make sure you have the base installed (if it’s a newborn seat) or your husband can install the car seat well. You won’t want to be exerting force on your abdomen that first day home. Consider the temperature when choosing a going home outfit for baby and your self. Take the rest of the postpartum pads offered to you from the hospital and take advantage of the mesh panties too. After that, you have to provide your own pads and panties.

Hospital bag checklist: Car seat, Going home outfit for baby, Going home outfit for mom (loose fitting), Postpartum pads, Postpartum underwear

For your Husband

Men are simple and don’t need much. My husband is good with his phone, charger, 3 pairs of clothes, some toiletries, the remote for the television and he’s a happy camper.

That’s what is in MY hospital bag. What’s in yours? Is there something you HAVE to HAVE?

Hospital bag checklist



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  1. Welcome to the 3+boys mom club! It’s a great place to be! I would add- Depends Silhouettes. Much more comfortable than giant pads and mesh underwear and you don’t worry about leakage. I usually put the giant pads from the hospital inside the depends until they were gone. I just felt much more secure. Good luck with your birth!

    1. That’s a great suggestion Becca, thank you! The giant pads definitely feel awkward but much needed. I will have to look into the depends! Thank you for the tip!

  2. It’s so great that you are prepared for a vaginal and cesarian birth! I have too many friends that go in wanting a vaginal and are completely unprepared when they end up needing a c-section.

    1. If you live close to a hospital, it may not be an issue if you have to grab more stuff if you end up having to have a c-section. If not, it could make your stay less than satisfying when you aren’t prepared. I’m hoping this list will help moms that may run into that situation.

  3. Such a great and detailed list of how to prepare for baby. I love earth mama angel baby products and have used the baby rash and mama products with great success. I also like bringing my own pillow.

    1. Thank you Jamie! Aren’t Earth Mama products the best? Some women have to have their own pillow. Now that I think of it, my husband might bring his. He is picky about that. LOL

  4. Very good list. The snacks are a biggie and often overlooked. Socks, too. I know the hospital provides some no slip ones but having your own makes things so much cozier. All the best to you. You are right around the corner.

    1. Snacks are important, especially when you are craving a certain item. The hospital supplies socks but that is a preference. I don’t mind the socks but I’ll be wearing slippers. It is definitely an option but not a necessity for me. I can see it being a necessity for other women.

    1. Amazon’s registry is the best in my opinion because you don’t have to go into a store and they’re benefits are pretty awesome right now.

    1. Yes, bare minimum! We brought a little too little the second time lol. Some things are not necessities on here but things that contribute to my sanity. 🙂

  5. Great tips for all expectant mothers! I know my mom appreciates everything she brought to the hospital when I was born!

    1. Yes, we do assume that the husband is the one that is there with you throughout your birthing experience but we cannot forget our mothers who are there when our husbands or significant others are not. Thank you!

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