11 Creative First Day of School Photo Ideas That You’ll Love

First Day of School Photo Ideas

DIY First Day of School Photo Ideas

It’s back to school time and it’s a new realm for me! I’ll officially be a preschool mama. I’m slightly excited that I get to be creative with routine, organization, and documenting my kids’ first moments of school. Optimus Prime, my 4-year-old, will be starting preschool in the next few weeks and part of me wants to roll up in a ball and just cry that he is growing up so fast. It felt like not too long ago, he was learning to crawl. Now, he’s learning to read, can do simple math, and is the wittiest kid I know. Waaa! Okay off my emotional pregnant mommy tangent. In this post, I’ve managed to put together a list of 11 awesome first day of school photo ideas for you!

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Fix a Screen Door Like a Pro: Don’t Waste Your Money!

Fix a screen doorThe Easy Way to Fix a Screen Door

I love screen doors. They allow you to enjoy the outdoor breeze on a cool spring or summer morning while keeping those pesky bees, flies, bugs, or other insects out. That is, until it breaks. Most people will just buy a new door, don’t do that! Learn to fix a screen door yourself and save yourself some money.

We had a dog who we would let outside to eh hmm do his business, and when he was finished he would scratch on the screen door time and time again. Over time, the screen door started to wear and eventually ripped. I now had a giant hole through the screen from the bottom corner. My kids didn’t help the issue by thinking it was a mini-door they could run through. That only ripped it more. It no longer served the purpose of allowing me to keep my sliding door open and keep the bugs out. I needed to fix it, fast!

Fixing a screen door is SUPER easy. I didn’t even think to do it myself until I told my Dad that I needed to buy a new screen door. He looked at me and said, “You know you can do it yourself right?” All you need is a few materials to get the job done. If a pregnant woman 4 months along can fix a screen door by herself, then you can do it too. Plus, you will save yourself $40-$100 by avoiding having to pay someone to do it or buying a whole new door. Let me show you how to fix a screen door!

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DIY Growth Chart for Kids: Easy Tutorial

DIY Growth Chart for Kids

DIY Growth Chart for Kids

Documenting memories and milestones for my children is one of the most fun things I love about being a mother. I’m naturally crafty and while time doesn’t permit me to do everything, there are things that stand out and make it onto the to-do list. Making a DIY growth chart for my kids has been on that list for what seems like For.ev.er!

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Create your own Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

Ultimate DIY Bath Bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

When I first heard of bath bombs, I thought “hmm… just another spa product”. I wasn’t impressed and I veered away from the craze to spare my wallet. However, the more they kept showing up in my social media feeds, the more interested I became. As I researched bath bombs, I found that not only were they super cool, but they were actually really good for your skin depending on the ingredients that you chose to use or where you bought them from. Most of my DIY projects revolve around my kids so naturally I searched for DIY bath bombs with a little pizzaz to wow the kiddos. After searching for multiple recipes and trying 3, I found one that we really liked and worked well.

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Homemade Edible Finger Paint

Homemade Edible Finger Pain

How to make a really simple homemade edible finger paint

My boys absolutely love to paint! When Little D was a baby, I remember cooking this elaborate recipe for DIY homemade edible finger paint almost three years ago. The recipe called for more than 5 items and I had to wait about 30 minutes for it to cook. Then I waited another 30 minutes to let stand so that it could thicken. P.s. It wasn’t as edible (or tasty) as I thought it would be. But I went with it because I knew he would put it straight in his mouth and the new mommy in me wouldn’t dare let him stick something like real paint in his mouth! So, I made the recipe, and let him have at it. He really enjoyed it, and the first thing he did was stick the paint to his mouth, yup. I was a proud first time mommy. I even went to Michael’s and bought canvas for him to paint on.

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